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EPC of 160 KW of Rooftop Solar System of Corporate Bhavan, Ministry of Corporate Affairs Hyderabad

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In recent times, solar energy has become a prevalent and budget-friendly substitute for conventional energy sources. Numerous businesses and establishments are opting for solar energy by searching for “commercial solar installers near me” on Search Engine Platforms as a solution to fulfill their energy needs. The Hyderabad branch of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, through the Corporate Bhavan, has made a notable move in the direction of sustainability by initiating the installation of a 160 KW solar power system on their rooftop, using the services of an EPC.

One of India’s top solar energy companies successfully finished the EPC work on the rooftop solar setup of the Hyderabad-based Corporate Bhavan. The corporation oversaw every aspect of the process, which encompassed engineering, procurement, and construction. The purpose of installing the solar panel system is to produce 240,000 units of electricity per year, enough to fulfill a considerable portion of the energy requirements of the structure.

The solar power system installed on the roof of the Corporate Bhavan in Hyderabad is a clear indication of the rising popularity of solar energy in India. Over the past few years, the government has implemented multiple efforts to encourage the use of solar energy, such as offering financial support, tax advantages, and rewards. There has been a rise in commercial solar systems in Hyderabad. Overall, the country has experienced a noteworthy surge in rooftop solar system installations as a result.

The installation of a solar system on the rooftop is advantageous in various ways, such as reduced expenses, sustenance of the environment, and self-sufficiency in energy. Solar panels produce electrical energy by harnessing the power of sunlight, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source. This minimizes the reliance on conventional energy sources that can be costly and unsustainable.

The implementation of the solar power system on the roof of the Corporate Bhavan in Hyderabad is predicted to result in notable reductions in expenses. The utilization of solar panels will substantially diminish the building’s reliance on the power network, resulting in reduced expenses for electricity. Moreover, the government provides various bonuses and financial aids for setting up solar panels, which can result in additional cost savings for the overall system.

The Advantages on Offer

Additionally, the implementation of the solar energy system on the rooftop provides advantages for the environment. Solar energy is an eco-friendly energy source that doesn’t produce any harmful emissions of gases that contribute to climate change. The installation of rooftop solar panel systems can decrease reliance on conventional energy sources, result in a reduction of carbon emissions, and promote environmental sustainability.

The implementation of a rooftop solar system at Corporate Bhavan in Hyderabad marked a substantial move towards fostering sustainability. This serves as a model for other entities to emulate and showcases the feasibility and affordability of using solar energy as an alternative to conventional energy sources. The implementation of solar energy systems on rooftops can aid in meeting the government’s objective of attaining 100 GW of solar power by 2022.

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Wrapping up, the attainment of the EPC for the 160 KW rooftop solar setup installed at the Corporate Bhavan facility in Hyderabad marks a noteworthy accomplishment and a pivotal step towards attaining sustainable energy objectives. There are various advantages to setting up solar panels on a rooftop, such as financial benefits, eco-friendliness, and the ability to generate energy independently. Encouraging the installation of rooftop solar systems is crucial, and the government ought to persist in offering incentives and subsidies to stimulate the adoption of solar panels.

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