India's first to have installed 15 whole gated Communities by December 2021


  • Produce your own Power
  • Return on Investment
  • Free Power
  • Revenue making asset
  • Reduced Tarrif
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions by 1.46 tons per year per KW

ROI Calculations

  • Solar On-Grid Plant Size – 100 KW
  • Total Cost ( Rs ) – 52,00,000
  • ROI ( Years ) – 5.5
  • Price/Unit – 7
  • Yearly units – 1,35,000
  • Yearly Savings ( Rs ) – 9,45,000
How to Maximize Your Solar Investment and Track ROI | Four Solar


For HT Line:
Solar Solutions in Hyderabad for HT Line | Four Solar
For LT Line:
Solar Solutions in Hyderabad for LT Line | Four Solar
Solar – DG Integration

Inverter-DG Control

  • 2-core RS 485 cable from Inverter to Energy Meter
  • MODBUS device connection to Inverter
  • MODBUS Programming
  • MODBUS controls Inverter
  • MODBUS Integration with inverter for better control ( decrease generation or zero export )
  • Increase / decrease / zero export
Solar Panel Installation Procedure In India | Four Solar
Scada Monitoring System | IOT Installation | Four Solar


  • Through the SCADA Monitoring system, we can identify an error in the system and depute an engineer to fix it.
  • Four Solar strives to cover the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance aspects of a solar PV system by adopting excellent design methodologies and superior installation techniques.
  • Every site is different and so is a problem; we have enough experience to handle and resolve any problem.


Solar Panel Installation Process In India | Four Solar


  • 15+ Gated Communities
  • 1000+ Units
  • 3MW+
  • Installed and Commissioned Worlds First Net-Zero Gated Community

Few of the Gated Communities powered by Four Solar are:

  • LEGEND CHIMES – Premium Villas Gated Community
  • EKTHA PRIME HIGHLAND PARK – Exclusive Premium Villas Gated Community
  • ORGANO’S NAANDI – International National Award Winning Project For Net Zero Energy Solution
  • GOLDFISH’s ZRESTA – Luxury Villas Gated Community
  • METAPHOR’S 2Getherments – Apartments Gated Community
Gated Community Solar Panel In Hyderabad | Four Solar