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Rooftop Solar

Enjoy Free Power with Four Solar Panels


  • Enjoy “free power” through our proven ROI model.
  • We primarily use CAPEX financial models to better your ROI. For example, a 5KW installation is most likely to have an ROI within 5 years. Enjoy what will be “free power” after that.


  • Low maintenance and a life of 27 years means you can enjoy solar power longer. Panels today have a life of about 25-27 years.
  • Enjoy an effective solution to your power needs for a substantial amount of time.
  • We assist you throughout the course of your installation and operation period.
High quality and low maintenance solar panels
Net Metering for Home Solar Panels - Four Solar


  • Net metering to better tally your power input and output to the grid.
  • Net meters are provided by the local DISCOMS to replace gross meters installed to tally the total power to and from the grid to you.


  • Greener is better.
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions by 1.46 tons per year per KW
  • Improved green conscience in today’s world means reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Installing Solar PV allows you to perform your part to society.
Reduce CO2 Emissions - Install Solar PV
100% Best Quality Assurance - Four Solar Panels


  • Tested quality products to ensure hassle free operation.
  • Fraudulent products mean constant interruptions and increased maintenance costs.
  • We provide quality products to give you a peace of mind.


  • Quick installation to ensure you can enjoy solar power sooner rather than later.)
  • Our experienced engineers aim to provide a quick and effective solution.)
  • Installation after approval will be completed within a week (for individual homes)
Solar Panel Support System - Four Solar
Solar Panel Support System - Four Solar


  • We handle the paperwork for the installation on your behalf.
  • Instead of having you run around offices, we handle all the paperwork at the local DISCOMS and nodal agencies of MNRE.
  • This allows you to relax and wait to enjoy free power.