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Solar Panel price differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Since we are a System Integrator, we sell end to end solution and not just solar panels. We can assist you in this regard, however. Contact us for detailed pricing.

Hospitals are keen to adopt rooftop solar to reduce not just the electricity bill but CO2 footprint. Any technology should either be an Enabler or Save Money or Both. Fortunately, rooftop solar is both. It transforms the way we have been thinking about power to the new way of self-producing and consuming, thereby saving money from the first day. This is the only electrical & electronic system that saves money and gives ROI between 3.5 to 5 years.

Though Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) had circulated a notice to all the national banks to promote rooftop solar by disbursing loans to consumers, the response is not very encouraging. However, all banks will give loans for rooftop solar under Retail (Home or Personal) loans. All loan approvals are subject to good CIBIL score.

State Governments do not have any rooftop solar policy, they only call for tenders. Policy is being driven by the central government organization, MNRE.
Know more about policy from the central government.

Central Government Subsidies for Rooftop Solar. Subsidy is applicable to Residential segment only.

  • 40% for 1-3 KW
  • 20% for 4-10 KW
  • 20% for Group Housing / Gated Community
  • No Subsidy for more than 10 KW
  • No Subsidy for Commercial segment

It is a system in which solar panels are installed on your roof. It comprises structure, panels and inverter.

The panels generate electricity in DC i.e., Direct current which then flows through an inverter converting DC to AC. We consume electricity in AC i.e., Alternating Current.

Yes. It produces electricity even on cloudy days. Our Satellites also work on solar energy.

It is a facility provided by the local DISCOM to automate the process of import and export. Through net metering import and export of units are recorded. Units consumed from the grid is imported units and units given out to the grid is exported units.

Solar capacity is based on your existing consumption. The number of units generated by rooftop solar system is the units saved from the grid and you start saving from day one. If we generate 20 units in a day from solar you save 20 times X.

Good solar panels last 25-27 years. Therefore you will not have to replace them until they is damaged due to external factors.

3-10 days, based on the capacity.

No you don’t have to re-wire your house if you are on-grid. You may have to if you are going off-grid.

When you install a 1kW solar panel system, CO2 emissions are reduced by 1.46 Tons per year.

You may or may not receive a bill since that is dependent on your installed capacity. However you will save money from day one. Please note that you will still have to pay for demand charges.

Maintenance of solar panels does not cost much since there are no moving parts in the system. For it to perform well, ensure that the panels are cleaned and monitored regularly.

Every property is a good candidate for solar unless it is surrounded by tall buildings or trees that obstruct the sunlight or throws a shadow on the rooftop

No. But since they are mounted at an angle, they may break if there is an intention.


The time best suited for cleaning the panels is before 8 am or after 6 pm, since during the peak hours the DC voltage is high. It is dangerous and might hamper with the generation of electricity. They are easier to clean when wet because the dust can be wiped off easily. For safety purposes it is advised to use a long handheld wiper while you are standing on the ground else you could use a soft cloth as well

With On Grid Rooftop system, there are two situations:
1. Generation is less than the load. In this situation, the Grid supplies power to the load (import).
2. Generation is more than the load. In this situation, the surplus power is exported to the Grid and the electricity bill adjusted automatically.
In both situations, the Net Meter records the Imported Grid Power and Exported Solar Power.

It is a system in which the installed solar capacity’s total generation is sent to the grid. The government signs a contract with the owner giving him money for the generation of total units.

No, a separate Bi-Directional meter should replace the existing energy meter to avail of the net metering facility provided by DISCOM.

There are two different storage facilities that are available for a rooftop solar system:
1. Off-grid solar system
2. Hybrid solar system which can work as both on and off grid solar system.

All the latest solar inverters come with a grid failure feature, that is, the inverter shuts off when there is a grid failure.

The different types of connections are:

  • LT which is Low Tension Voltage which are of two types: One phase and Three phase. In one phase the connectivity level is till 240 V and load eligible for it is up to 5 kW. Three phase the connectivity level is 415 V and a load range above 5 kW up to 75 kW. These are generally used by housing and commercial buildings.
  • HT which is High Tension Voltage has a load range above 75 kW. These kind of connections are generally used by industries and group housing, which consume a lot of electricity.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy –
State Nodal Agencies(SNAs)
Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI)

As per the latest 2019 Policy, MNRE has issued a notice with the following subsidies:

  • 40% up to 3kW
  • 20% from 4 to 10 kW
  • Flat 20% on group housing or gated communities which is up to 500kW

Good solar panels will last till 25-27 years.

Your past energy consumption helps us determine a suitable solar capacity for your home and save you money.

After you decide, we will start with a site survey, design and get your approval before ordering the materials. We’ll also handle the permits and other paperwork for you. After installation, we will provide monitoring tools so that you can track your system’s production.

The surplus power flows back into the grid thereby, recording export units in the net meter.

If you want to save money and enjoy free power then solar is for right for you. First, our site engineer will assess your rooftop and suggest you with facts on whether your home is right for solar or not. We’ll gather electricity bills for few months to understand your energy needs & lifestyle which helps us provide you with a system with a suitable capacity. The main factors are rooftop area and amount of incident sunlight. If you have enough rooftop area and sunlight, your home is right for solar.

Typically, we take 100 SFT per KW for calculation purposes. So, if you want 5 KW then you will need 500 SFT rooftop area. The total area may reduce due to panel efficiency.

In most cases, no. But if your roof is old, you may have to re-do the roof to withstand the weight of the solar panels mounted on the structure. In a few cases, we have suggested our customers to strengthen the rooftop to mount solar panels; in a couple of cases, we have not agreed to install panels due to a weak roof.

If the shaded roof is the only area for solar panels then your roof is not good for solar. Shade on the panels will reduce the generation up to 80%; it is suggested not to go for solar if your rooftop has shade during peak hours (10am-3pm). There are ways to work around and we can suggest after a site visit.


Yes, even in cloudy day panels do generate electricity. Panels generation is efficient during sunlight so, the more the sunlight the more the generation.

If the panels break during transportation or installation, you are covered. However, you are not covered through Four Solar for damages caused by nature like thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc. and physical damage / theft by someone, etc. You must take insurance; it costs less.

The moment we come to know about the solar panels not working, we take immediate measures to rectify the problem. You are assured of a resolution, since your system is remotely monitored.