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Legend Chimes Harvest Solar Energy - Four Solar - Roof Top Solutions in Hyderabad
Rupees 47.25 lakh Saved Yearly

Rupees 47.25 lakh
Saved Yearly

675,000 Units Produced Yearly

675,000 Units
Produced Yearly

600 Tonnes CO2 Reduction Yearly

600 Tonnes CO2
Reduction Yearly

Legend Chimes, one of India’s premium luxury villa projects, stands as a quintessential example for being socially and environmentally responsible. Tucked away from the city’s crowd and noise, Legend Chimes is leading the way in adopting rooftop solar solutions, sufficing most of its power needs through clean rooftop solar energy.Helping them achieve this, Four Solar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd has completed the design and installation of 275 KW in the first phase and is currently planning on design for 225 KW in the second phase, leading to a total of 500 KW during the entire course of the project. As a result, Legend Chimes would be saving up to 47.25 Lakh Rupees annually by generating 675,000 units of electricity every year! In addition to this, 600 tonnes of CO2 reduction would be achieved every year.

Having an abundance of experience in rooftop solar energy solutions for gated communities did not make this project any easy. Firstly, the design complexity posed by this community was high as each villa required a tailor-made structure to mount the solar panels, in addition to a plethora of on-demand changes. Secondly, the impact of the recent Covid-19 pandemic on the project was seminal. We began working on the project with great zeal until the lockdown happened, which affected the morale of the community. As a company that places customer satisfaction above everything else, we were even more determined to make the community happy again. In June, when the lockdown was partially relaxed, we began working. Neither the lack of human resources nor the pandemic could stop us from expediting work and recover lost time, all while taking safety precautions and following COVID-19 guidelines. Today, it brings us immense pleasure upon seeing Legend Chimes harvest solar energy and claim their share of clean and free energy.