Renewable Energy Production and Management

Renewable Energy Production and Management

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Human Beings have been abusing what were once abundant natural resources found on planet Earth, thereby contributing to global warming. The emission of toxic gases and the rise in the level of carbon dioxide have depleted Ozone Layer significantly as per Physicists. Time has come for us to act on reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy generation to fulfil energy consumption needs of this and next generations.As per a recent study conducted, it is estimated that almost 30% of the emissions generated from the electricity sector contributes to global warming.

The emissions come from the consumption of natural resources in the form of coal and other fossil fuels. Relying on solar energy is the most convenient and feasible option which we must consider to mitigate the issues related to global warming.

This is precisely where the services of Four Solar can be effectively utilized.

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Four Solar aims at providing superior solar energy solutions by integrating latest technologies from the best manufacturers – of panels and inverters – in the country and the world. The firm excels at design engineering of rooftop solar systems by using common sense and not compromising on simple points thereby maintaining energy production over the next 25 years.

Eastablished in 2013, Four Solar has completed more than 500 installations with a total of 35 MW project experience under the able leadership of Mr. Indrasen Bollampally, Managing Director.


Four Solar’s goal is to privatise power by making solar energy accessible to all the citizens of India.


The Rooftop Solar Solution allows us to install solar panels and inverters on the roof as per the design document. The experts at Four Solar visit the site for a detailed survey, design the panel and structure layouts and suggest a suitable solution. After the approval of the project, the solar panels are installed on the roof, facing south direction at an inclination of latitude (as per the place of site) for maximum generation. The inverter converts the Direct Current to Alternating Current [AC power] which is used by the electrical appliances in a building – residential, commercial or industrial.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar:

  • Own Production: This is the first time ever a household can produce and consume power from rooftop. Anyone who produces and consumes power is called a Prosumer. A prosumer depends less on the government and more on self.
  • ROI: The financial plan formulated by Four Solar under the CAPEX model gives financial returns in 3.5 to 5 years from the date of commissioning. The lifespan of solar panels is generally estimated to be between 25-27 years.
  • Revenue Asset: The solar system, after ROI, will continue to save money up to 25 years making this a long-term revenue making asset.
  • Reduction of CO2: Be a proud citizen by reducing 1.46 Tonnes of CO2 per KW per Year.



The package of Solar in a Box is a unique strategy developed by the Four Solar team that allows individuals to purchase a solar set that is easy to install within a residential environment. This box is equipped with all the necessary tools that can help you to harness solar energy efficiently. The product is directly delivered at your doorstep which makes it even more convenient for the consumer to avail and use.

The box contains solar panels, inverter, structure and cables along with an instruction manual that will guide you through the installation process. All you need to do is visit the official website of Four Solar to purchase the Orange Box.


The integration of Solar and DG is required to avoid failure of a DG Set and / or Solar Inverter. An inverter works on reference voltage, that is, it requires voltage from the connected source of power (Grid, DG or Battery). However, in situations of surplus power from solar, during power shutdown and DG on, precautions must be taken for safety and financial reasons. Therefore, this integration can be critical in few situations.

A DG Set works optimally at 30%, that is, DG must burn 30% fuel while solar power generates 70%, translating to 70% savings. A DG is designed to burn 30% fuel even on less load. What happens when there is surplus power when DG is on? Surplus power from rooftop solar must go back to the source (the one that gives reference voltage), that is, DG.

Unlike Grid, DG neither stores power nor transports it to other consumers. Therefore, the DG set would trip and malfunction, and cause financial burden on the consumer. If the integration of solar and DG is not implemented properly, even solar inverters may fail and cause warranty loss and further financial burden.The solar inverter must be synchronized with it to avoid generating surplus power through MODBUS device. This device, configured and connected to the solar inverter, communicates with it and sends commands to generate less or more power or no power accordingly.

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