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Ascent Tower - Case Study - Four Solar

Ascent Tower

Ascent Tower - Case Study - Four Solar


System Capacity

4.2 lakhs

Expected Annual Benefit

50 tonnes annually

CO2 reduction

Photon 260 W panels; SMA 20 KW

System Specs



About Corporate Building:

Ascent Tower is constructed in an expensive place of Banjara Hills and has reputed tenants for years.

Problem Definition:

They saw an opportunity in going for solar on the building rooftop and making money from it.


Four Solar had done a thorough site survey considering the dangers of working on a tilted roof. We had taken all the safety measures for our technicians to work effectively.

The goal of the customer was ROI and since the customer was clear on the ROI benefit, we had designed and installed the system to meet his financial expectations.

The system has been running successful since the commissioning date. We have used 260 watts solar panels mounted on aluminum railing structure and German inverters from SMA, world’s leading company.