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Naandi (Organo) - Case Study - Four Solar

Naandi (Organo) Net Zero Community

Naandi (Organo) - Case Study - Four Solar

400 kW

System Capacity

35 lakhs

Expected Annual Benefit

500 tonnes annually

CO2 reduction

Vikram Solar Panels 250W / 260W
SMA 5 KW / 10 KW / 20 KW / 25 KW Inverters

System Specs



About Naandi:

Naandi, ‘Rurban’ Commune, was started by a group of enthusiast entrepreneurs who shared a common vision to live an alternative lifestyle; a lifestyle that not only is technologically progressive but revives cultures and brings people together. It is built on the concept of sustainable community that produces own organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic milk and electricity. ‘Rurban’ stands for Rural Urban.

Problem Definition:

Naandi gated community is built on a barren land with a very high ambition of making it sustainable using organic methods only. They had used sustainable material wherever they could, and asked us to design a solar structure that would be used as a patio on the first floor. This requirement itself was the hardest part of the rooftop solar project. Their goal to install rooftop solar system on each villa is to make the community a Net Zero Community.


Four Solar was one of several companies interested in procuring this order. The real challenge with this project was that there was no roof and we had to create one using hot dipped galvanised structure to mount panels on. The structure had been customized to fit to three types of farm villas. It was not one size fits all. Each type was different.

We had designed the structure to accommodate more capacity than the requirement to meet future demands. Each villa has been crafted to perfection. The time taken on structure customization and panel mounting amounts to 70% of the total time taken to complete each villa. The hardest part was structure and panel mounting, and we had delivered the result both aesthetically and functionally. The structure was approved by the building structural experts.

When we turn all the inverters ON, we had to meet their objective to make the community a Net Zero Community. Naandi is now not only a Net Zero community but is the world’s first Farming Gated Community. A rural urban commune. The project has won several awards in India and is a model to other gated communities.

This was not a typical commercial project but a one that required so much attention to detailing. The time taken to install a rooftop solar system at a farm villa or house was two and a half times more than the regular house.

Finally mission accomplished.