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Enjoy Free Power

Install rooftop solar system, generate your own power and enjoy free power for life. The greatest benefit of rooftop solar is CLEAN & FREE POWER. A typical home with 5 KW installation will get return on investment within 5 years. This means, a home owner enjoys free power for 20–22 years. That is almost a lifetime for several of us.


Four Solar is an advocate of ‘Privatization of Power’.
It is a wonderful feeling to be energy independent. Independence is a good feeling! Independence from grid power is a new feeling!
The rooftop solar revolution has already begun and is the beginning of ‘privatization of power’.
Go Solar, Go Private.


For a 4-bedroom house with an electricity bill of Rs. 10,000 per month, we suggest a 10-12 KW system costing about Rs. 7-8 Lakhs with 5 years return on investment (ROI) post 30% subsidy and 7 years ROI without subsidy.
Customers can enjoy FREE POWER for 20-22 years post ROI with minimal expenses. Life of solar panels is 27 years