Solar Power Plants

Faulty Products, Faulty Design or Faulty Installation will lead to Defective Solar Power Plants. Ensure you work with the best.

Four Solar has 12 MW experience in EPC and Consulting Services for Commercial Self Consumption. Four Solar uses only the best technology in solar panels and inverters to deliver the best solutions. Our focus is on ROI to our customers for which we are unbiased towards any manufacturer, and promote only the best for the benefit of our customers.

We have achieved success in less time due to our Commitment to Deliver the Best Solutions.

The future of solar is self-consumption through solar power plants or rooftop solar due to its immediate financial benefits:

Net Zero. The total energy consumed by a company is the total energy generated through solar.
Return on Investment. A company is assured of financial returns.
Free Power. A company generates and consumes free power post-ROI.


  • 12 out of 15 MW in EPC and Consulting Services for Commercial Self-consumption of Solar Power.
  • Association with the World’s Best Manufacturers.
  • Top quality in-house Designers and Engineers.

Our techno-commercial proposal would include:

  • Site assessment
  • Solar PV technology selection
  • Plant configuration
  • Annual energy yield prediction
  • Power evacuation
  • Project organization and schedule
  • Financial analysis