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At Four Solar, we pride ourselves on associating with the very best solar panel manufacturers, world leading solar inverter companies and quality-conscious structure vendors / fabricators to deliver faster and effective installation services. We aim to install 100 – 500 KW rooftop solar projects from start to finish within 30-60 days, and we have been successful.Our rooftop solar project process consists of the following steps:

Feasibility: Our engineers visit your home to do a thorough site survey and suggest the right place for panels placement on the rooftop for optimal generation. They will assess your energy demands based on previous electricity bills and help you evaluate your energy savings options. Shadow analysis is the key during the site survey.

Design and Engineering: After our site engineers submit their site analysis report, our solar design experts will prepare a design document and energy generation report, with details about the panels layout, inverter location, routing of cables, selection of panels and inverter, number of resources required, number of days required for installation, approximate production of units per year, etc.

Approvals: Once you approve of our proposal, we work on required paperwork to be submitted to the departments for approvals. You do not have to run errands; we will take care of approvals.

Procurement and Installation: After we get approvals, we start procuring material and thereafter begin installation work. Our experienced installation team, in consultation with our design and engineering teams, installs and commissions the project successfully.

Inspection and Commissioning: The electricity department will inspect the site to ensure that all standards are followed before officially allowing the connection of the solar system to the grid. During this stage, Net Meter is installed, and project is considered “commissioned.”

Subsidy: Avail of subsidy if any. After commissioning, all related documents will be submitted at MNRE nodal agency for the release of subsidy, if any.


Indrasen Bollampally, Managing Director, Four Solar.