Rama Reddy

Four Solar Energy Systems has provided a complete community based Solar Net Metering solution to Legend Chimes, Kokapet, Hyderabad. We had ~50 homes in phase 1 and ~40 in phase 2. Phase 1 is complete and working and below is my review on the Vendor and the process.

As I understand it was a four step process to complete.

  1. Individual Villa survey and analysis resulting in estimate
  2. Civil foundation works to get the solar frames installed
  3. Solar Panels installation
  4. Cabling, Inverter and Web based monitor app installed.

All the above four steps were done meticulously. A qualified supervisor was attached to the whole project. He was communicating every step of the process by sharing the schedule with all villa owners on daily basis. Different types of workers (civil, infrastructure, electrical and computer) were coming in and out of the house without causing any inconvenience, they all were following the social distancing and were wearing masks all the time as this was done during peak Covid pandemic.

Special mention to be done here is  cleaning up of debris at every step was taken care by their employees. Work was well planned and executed without repeating any steps. All employees were very professional and courteous.

Very good job was done on civil works and frameworks. Workers were coming on time and finished on time . All communications were done through WhatsApp messaging and phone calls.

We are very satisfied with the Roof Top Solar Installation done on our house and would highly recommend Four Solar to any villa owner who is interested in getting Solar systems installed.


Rama Reddy