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Mitigation of Urban Flooding and The Way Forward

Round Table Discussion On Urban Flooding Held | Bollampally Indrasen Reddy

“Hyderabad has 13 main nalas that drain into the Musi, and two empty into the Godavari. If we can clear the waterways, urban flooding can be mitigated in the city,” said Mr. Reddy.

Climate emergency

“We are in the midst of a climate emergency. We may have summer temperatures of 55 degrees in India. These will impact everyone from street vendors to employees in offices. We need sustainable measures to tackle the impact,” said Kapil Gupta, who has worked on flood warning steps in Mumbai in the aftermath of the 2005 event.

The round table discussion was organised by Justice B. Subhashan Reddy Memorial Foundation.

“Currently, citizens in Hyderabad have no way of interacting with the civic body. That is one of the reasons why issues that can be resolved easily take days,” says Kota Neelima, sharing her work in flood-affected areas in the city.

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