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Here’s what some of our customers say about our work


Solar Panels For Home and Offices - Four Solar

Five years back when we started with an idea of a rurban community with net zero intent one of the most challenging aspect was to generate energy. Our core principle was to generate power from roof top. There were so many vendors who are available and approached us. But not many of them were experienced in roof top solar. In fact our initial effort to set up trial 150 kw solar plant to run our borewells had failed misarably. There were no professional firms who were offering advice. At that time Four Solar came to our rescue. The commitment with which they took up our endeavour was impressive. They rather becoming a vendor had offered think like a partner and did their best. With their experience they made some important ecisions like removing the battery support and making entire system on grid with right technologies had proven to be a practical solution. Their experience with technology and professionalism made our path easy to focus on other aspects of the project. They had been a great strength all through the journey. Without them I am sure we would have wasted lot of time and resources in running around various agencies.

Their solution made us simply not bother about energy and allowed us the luxury of focusing on other aspects of the project. I sincerely express my gratitude to Mr. Indrasen and rest of his team for being there when needed. They walked that extra mile with true commitment and grace. With Indrasen leadership and passion to contribute to country’s renewable roof top energy sector I am sure the company will deliver commendable results which will be appreciated by the industry.

I wish their team all the best.

Nagesh Battula