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Future is Net Zero Energy Homes

Future is Net Zero Energy Homes, Buildings and Communities

Future is Net Zero Energy Homes

Future is Net Zero Energy Homes, Buildings and Communities

What is Net Zero Energy? It is described as the Amount of Energy Consumed is Equal to the Amount of Solar Produced and Consumed. If a home requires 8kva and produces solar power equivalent to 8kva then that home is called “Net Zero Energy Home.”

Net Zero Energy is also called Zero Energy, Zero Carbon or Net Zero.Do you know that our satellites run on solar (plus battery)? Solar technology is a proven one and now matured enough to be adopted by residents. The concept of purchasing power upfront is unknown until rooftop solar was introduced. We are all used to paying for electricity on or before the due date every month. But with rooftop solar, you purchase the system first (in CAPEX model) and then save money thereafter. Though there is an upfront cost with a rooftop solar system, you get major benefits. The biggest benefit of rooftop solar is Free Power Post ROI.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. “

So, what is stopping rooftop solar from going mainstream? Currently nothing is stopping. The platform is all set for rooftop solar to go mainstream into homes. There is a lot of interest from gated communities with special focus on making their communities “Net Zero Energy.”

Four Solar has already completed a 73-home Gated Community in Hyderabad. The project has received both National and International Awards for Net Zero and Sustainability Community. The community does not pay for energy charges because every house produces power from its rooftop system. Similarly, Four Solar has taken up another project in Hyderabad, which will be producing own power from the roof.

The visionaries are already developing many such projects across the nation.

  • This will produce Clean and Green Power.
  • This will give freedom of producing power from rooftop.
  • This will reduce the burden on the government.
  • We will be creating a better society and leave a better world for the NextGen.
  • More importantly, you will save money from day one and get ROI within 4-5 years; that means, you will enjoy Free Power for life!

Future is Net Zero Energy Homes, Buildings and Communities.